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Communication is the key to your success, but that means you need an efficient, effective way of getting your message across. Between calls dropping, missing calls when you’re out of the office and limited conferencing abilities, your traditional legacy system is showing its age and isn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, our VoIP business phone system solves your communication challenges.

Replacing traditional phone lines, VoIP uses your local area network and the Internet to make phone calls. Plus, you get access to an expansive set of advanced features, including voicemail/call forwarding, instant messaging, audio conferencing, call recording and more. When you upgrade to our VoIP business phone system, you get an integrated, flexible infrastructure that supports crystal-clear communication and scalability. As your partner, Matrix handles the deployment and maintenance of your new system, so your workflow is interrupted as little as possible.

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On-the-Go Communication

The business world moves at an alarming rate, and you need a phone solution that enables you to keep up. Our VoIP business phone system allows your team to connect from work, home or on the go.

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Decreased Costs

Legacy phones are expensive to maintain. Matrix’s VoIP business phone system eliminates long-distance charges and maintenance costs, so you can add new lines and users without any challenges.

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Advanced Features

Take advantage of the many advanced features of VoIP, including hosted email, instant messaging, video conferencing and more to get the most out of your technology.

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Seamless Scalability

Growing your business is your goal, but landlines make adding new employees a hassle. VoIP makes it easy to onboard new team members, completely removing laying new phone lines from the process.



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When you need assistance with network and PC issues, software support or cyberthreats, we’re here to help you before, during and after office hours.

Our team of experienced technicians solves your technology hiccups efficiently without any of the challenges you may face doing it on your own. Rely on our expertise to keep your technology running smoothly.

Achieve more with clear communication.

Achieve more with clear communication.