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When you’re a small business, affording everything that keeps your business growth at optimum levels can be more than a little challenging. Between paying wages, providing your services efficiently and profitably, and just keeping the lights on, running a small business takes everything you’ve got. There’s no room for your technology to add to your to-do list or take away from your bottom line. So, what happens when your technology inevitably faces a roadblock and you need support? That’s easy – just call Matrix’s IT helpdesk support.

You can take a deep breath knowing that whenever you experience computer or network problems, we’re on standby to solve them without charging you an extra, monstrous fee. Our team is available on-call to assess your needs and get your infrastructure back to working condition as quickly as possible, so your workflow is interrupted as little as possible. Plus, if we can’t resolve an issue remotely, we’ll make an on-site visit.

The end of your recurring technology challenges starts with a single phone call to our IT helpdesk support.

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managed IT Services

Access to IT Experts

We live, breathe and sleep everything IT. As our partner, you can call our helpdesk 24/7 with any tech problems you’re facing before they cause significant damage.

managed IT Services

Enhanced Productivity

When you work with Matrix, you won’t see any extra charges when your network is down or a server fails. Our flat-rate fee covers all of that whenever you need it done.

managed IT Services

Reduced Overhead Costs

Because you’re not paying for a full-time staff on site, relying on us reduces your IT costs significantly, leaving more capital available for other projects.

managed IT Services

Increased Business Continuity

The downtime you experience each time you face an IT roadblock adds up to a lot of damage to your bottom line. Our timely support maximizes the time you’re up and running.



Computer maintenance services

Communication is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. We improve your communication by helping you make a seamless transition from your legacy system to our cloud-based VoIP phone system.

Our team of experienced technicians solves your technology hiccups efficiently without any of the challenges you may face doing it on your own. Rely on our expertise to keep your technology running smoothly.

Ready to experience instant relief from your tech roadblocks?

Ready to experience instant relief from your tech roadblocks?